Understand what your laundry symbols mean

Understand your Laundry symbols:

Laundry Symbols Guide

Overloading a Machine

Overloading a washing machine is false economy. Your clothes will not be cleaned properly since the water and detergent cannot freely circulate through all the items. The result will be detergent residue and half-cleaned clothes.

Average Value of a Load of Laundry

The average value of one load of laundry is $150.00.
Source: The Tide Fabric Care Network

Dye Transfer

Should dye be transferred from one garment to another, do not put the stained clothes in the dryer until the stain has been removed. Drying will ‘set’ the dye, making it much more difficult to remove. Soak the garment with a bleach-based product or Oxy-Clean to remove unwanted dye transfer.