Q: Do we offer same day service?
A: Normally we can if it is brought in early enough in the day. Obviously bringing it at the end of the day, we will have your laundry returned the next day. Large loads will need 24 hours.

Q: Do I need to buy soap separately?
A: The cost of regular soap, bleach, fabric softener is included.

Q: Do you offer organic soap?
A: We do! Ask our attendant for organic soap options. We offer the ECOS organic soap option at no extra cost. We also carry Tide Purclean and Seventh Generation brands to at small cost.

Q: Do I need to separate my clothes?
A: Of course not! We’ll handle that for you. If you have specific requests, please outline them to our attendant.

Q: I need to wash my comforter, is that something you can wash for me?
A: Of course! We charge by size i.e King, Queen, twin, etc.

Q: Do you offer after hours pick up for laundry I’ve dropped off?
A: We understand it’s tough to make it over before 5PM. We can arrange after hours pick up. Talk to our attendant email us at queenstreetlaundry@gmail.com

Q: Can I use my own soap?
A: Sure. Please provide the soap/fabric softener/bleach to the attendant and they will use them. If you plan to be a regular, let us know and we can arrange to hold on to your soap just for your laundry.